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I was a little bit overwhelmed

the best problem a person could ever have



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<3 Xena <3


Shots taken around Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun. 

demonweasel replied to your post: anonymous said:Hey you, I like yo…

You are definitely wrong about your face. Do not have doubts about your face.

further confirmation of my error. in this case its no hardship to admit to being wrong :-P




a French phrase literally meaning “nobility obliges”. It is the concept that nobility extends beyond mere entitlements and requires the person with such status to fulfill social responsibilities, particularly in leadership roles; the obligation of honorable, generous, and responsible behaviour associated with high rank or birth.

Etymology: French, noblesse, “nobility” (ultimately from Latin nobilis, “knowable, known, well-known, famous, celebrated, high-born, of noble birth, excellent”) + oblige, “obliges” (ultimately from Latin ob, “to, against” + ligō, “bind, unite”).


Are you big into comics? :O

I would not claim that I am, anon.

I am very interested by them and could easily see myself getting obsessed, but i have only actually read a couple comic books. Growing up, I didn’t really know anyone who did read them who could get me into them or help me figure out where to start.

Being a reasonably attractive female living in a sexist society, I was always too intimidated to go to a comic book shop myself. So i occasionally buy ones i’m pretty sure I’ll like online and have them shipped, or pick up a box of ‘em cheap t a garage sale. But i dont keep up with any current storylines or have extensive knowledge of comic book trivia.

I love me some webcomics though. I went to the comic con in Chicago a few years back just to meet my favorite webcomic creator and have him sign my stuff. 

Hey you, I like your face~ (and your sense of humor and nerdiness and carefree spirit and many other things that you've cared to share on here <3)

Thanks, anon! ^.^

I love my sense of humor and nerdiness and carefree spirit as well, but sometimes I have my doubts about my face so thanks for reminding me I’m wrong about that ^.^

Random poke--was in the Fargo tag and saw you might be a Jack/Fargo shipped and I JUST NEVER SEE ANY OF THOSE so I wanted to say hi and marvel at your existence. o-o

Believe me, i am trying to convert others and set up some sort of a breeding program so that one day you might see a flock of us in the wild. :) 

I ship Fargo with like two other ppl besides Jack as wel. I just really like having an excuse for Fargo feels ^.^