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Either works. The fandom I don’t like is Whovians. Most of them are awesome, don’t get me wrong. Some of my favorite ppl are whovians (i.e. half the primevamily) And I like the show. But most of the fan snobbery I have witnessed on tumblr has been at the hand of Whovians.

As for Teen Wolf…. Amen, sister friend. I have it blacklisted too. Not my style and it is on the tumblr Second Tier, so lots of post about it every day.

  1. andrewteapotts said: Oh yeah, Whovians can be a tricky bunch. I love the fun, creative side of them. I generally avoid the constantly pissed off side. “SuperWhoLock” can be pretty annoying sometimes too. Do love the Whovians, but they really are hard to be around sometimes.
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